Yoonseob is trained as a chemical engineer with interdisciplinary expertise in nanotechnology, materials science, electronics and photonics.  He is currently a graduate student in the lab of Prof. Nicholas A. Kotov at the University of Michigan, Department of Chemical Engineering.


Yoon received his undergraduate degree summa cum laude in Chemical Engineering from Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea in 2010, and pursued his passion for international study by earning a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan.  During his doctoral training he generated a new type of composite, in which filler nanoparticles are self-assembled for conductive pathways, resulting in a publication in Nature.  Another work, investigating self-assembly phenomena in nanocomposites for reversibly tunable chiroptical properties, was published in Nature Materials.  All of his research is focused on both experimental and theoretical studies of previously unknown properties and their mechanisms.


When Yoon is not in the lab, he is less concerned with lowering his par than unwinding on the golf course.  Alternatively, you can find him getting fired up during a doubles tennis match.  He’s an internationalist, keenly seeking out the nuggets of local culture across the continents.  History, art and cuisine are his touchstones for appreciating unique contributions to pioneering technology.  So, you’re likely to find him enjoying schweins haxen in the foothills of the Alps or absorbing Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom during a stroll down the canals.