Updated October 2018


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  • Featured in News and Views of Nature Materials 2016, 15, 377, home page of the University of Michigan with a YouTube video clip, “Making nanostructures with rotatory optical activity”, Phys.org, Science 360, IEEE Spectrum, Science News, Nanotechweb.org, the Economic Times, etc.


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  • Featured in home page of the University of Michigan with a YouTube video clip, “Stretchable Conductors | MconneX | MichEpedia”, C&EN, MRS bulletin, Phys.org, Science Daily, Newswise, French Tribune, Chemistry World, Science & Enterprise etc.


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Stretchable Composite Conductors for Flexible Electronics, Stretchable Plasmonic Devices, Optical Filters, and Implantable Devices and Methods for Manufacture Thereof.